Duelist masters Academy
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This is one of the Dueling network academies. Our main goal is for everyone to get better and become masters. We also do some real life card trades or sales through ebay and other websites.
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 Academy turn into a Chess Ladder

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Academy turn into a Chess Ladder Empty
PostSubject: Academy turn into a Chess Ladder   Academy turn into a Chess Ladder EmptyThu Aug 09, 2012 10:36 pm

Hey guys I made a new Chess Ladder for Dueling Network players.
This is not an academy or a clan.
It is like a chess ladder or a sport ladder.
It is to test your skills.

The main objective is to reach the knight's rank.
You basically duel your way to get ranks.
There are 6 ranks: pawn, low rook, mid rook, high rook, low bishop, knight.
For each rank there are different decks. If you are able to beat the deck you get the rank.
Per day you can ask for a rank up duel.
To join go on our link and add and message Destinydude on dueling network.
Here's the link

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Academy turn into a Chess Ladder
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